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What We Do
Project and process management, customer support, quality assurance,
training and coaching; all customized to your business.
Our services will help you get s**t done.
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Services Customized to Your Business
Your business is unique.
We avoid industry buzzwords and customize
services to fit your company's needs.
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For Businesses of Any Size
Even the mightiest of oaks start as a tiny
acorns. We provide services to companies of all sizes.
Hence Oakstone.... Services.

Real World Services

We want to make sure our services, from process design to support, technology, project management and human services ACTUALLY work for you and are grounded in the real world rather than big company consultant theory.

Customized Approach

We factor in your business needs, current market trends and your existing processes before we start work or make recommendations. In a business era dominated by BS buzzword methodologies, we take a different approach.

Customer Results Focused

Just getting started and don't have the budget for our services? Think we are full of crap and want to see what we can do before committing to working with us? No problem, we are flexible and open to all sorts of delayed compensation options.

Built with best UX
Process Development

We analyze the specific needs of your organization to ensure the services, from process design to technology and project management, are calibrated to fit the unique requirements of your business, no matter what the industry or market.

Project and Technology Management

No methodology is one size fits all. We take many factors into consideration, such as your unique business needs, current trends and existing working models to determine the best processes for your company.

Personnel and Executive Growth

We research and analyze strategies to apply the best fit to meet your needs. This may be a combination of strategies or an entirely original strategy that meets the unique needs of your business.

Customer Support

Providing customers and end users with excellent customer support is a critical and often overlooked success factor in growing a new business. We provide customized support to fit your business needs.

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