Business as a Lifestyle - Recruiting and Hiring

AUTHOR NOTE: For the purpose of this article, I am going to use the term RECRUITER repeatedly and define the word to mean anyone involved in the relationship aspect of hiring. This could be internal recruiters, external recruiters and even hiring managers if they are acting to recruit for their own positions.

Humans are incredible social. Pretty much everything we do centers around our social interaction. So then why do our business hiring and recruiting practices completely fly in the face of how we as people operate in all other aspects of our lives?

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Business as a Lifestyle - The 8 Hour Work Day

For most of the modern era, certainly in the time since industrialization of the US and Western Europe, "business" as a concept has managed to stay an entity that somehow exists in a mythological realm outside of normal life. People go to work and come home and somehow, the two states (working and not) are two separate non-overlapping bubbles. Rules and social constructs that wouldn't fly in personal life, like strict hierarchical structures, the 9-5 eight hour work day standard and two week notices have become synonymous with businesses.

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What To Automate

Everywhere I turn these days, it seems like people are automating simply to say they automate. In a previous article titled Do You Really Need Automation, we explored the fact that many organizations aren't gaining a tangible benefit from automation but didn't explore how to target automation to make sure it adds value. We will do that here now.

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Early Access: Pay to Beta

Like many of you, I've been playing video games for about as long as I could sit up and hold a controller. I was fortunate enough to start PC gaming in the very early days and was just the right age during the Golden Age of PC Gaming (roughly '97 - '05) where I had the freedom of time found only in youth and willful unemployment but had the cognition of a young adult.

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Do You Really Need Automation

If you've looked for a QA job in the last few years, one item inevitably shows up on the requirements list; automation experience. And not just automation as a fundamental concept, very specific experience with tools like Selenium, Cucumber, Capybara, Watir, QTP, and SilkTest. At this point, automation is basically a ubiquitous term within Software Quality Assurance. I would go so far as to consider automation a software industry sacred cow of sorts when in reality, adds no real value for many of the companies who use it.

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