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Technology Services For Non-Technical Businesses
Your business is unique.
We avoid industry buzzwords and customize
services to fit your company's needs.
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We may be able to help you utilize
technology to lessen the impact.
COVID-19 has affected all businesses.
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Real World Services

We want to make sure our services, from technology to process design and project management, ACTUALLY work for you and are grounded in the real world rather than big company consultant theory.

Customized Approach

We factor in your business needs, current market trends and your existing processes before we start work or make recommendations. In a business era dominated by BS buzzword methodologies, we take a different approach.

Results Focused

Budget a bit tight at the moment? Want to see what we can do before committing to working with us? No problem, we are flexible and open to all sorts of compensation options.

Built with best UX
Process Development

Processes are only as good as their fit for the organization. Far from the one size fits all approach taken by many companies, Oakstone Services will tailor a process to your company like a fine Italian suit.

Project and Process Management

Like any good process, project management must suit the organization's needs. Weather you need to develop unique processes tailored to your organization or keep Agile from turning into frAgile, we can help you manage your projects in the a way that will achieve the best possible result.

Training and Implementation

Technology is only good if it's users know how to use it. Our team includes a member with a Masters in Organizational Psychology to help develop technology training and rollout plans that will greatly increase technology adoption in your organization.

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