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Oakstone Services, LLC, based in Teller County Colorado, was started by two entrepreneurs frustrated with the one size fits all approach to process and technology rampant in the modern business environment.

Their vision is to help companies of all sizes meet their full potential and achieve their goals.

With a recognition that companies have different needs based on goals, size, industry and a variety of other factors, their core belief is that all aspects of a business must be taken into consideration to design the best processes and services.

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Meet Our Team

Nick began working with software and hardware at the age of 12 and has spent his career working with early startups and small businesses to help develop processes, attain quality goals and discover the best and latest technology.

Nick Sutton

Amanda obtained her Masters in Organization Psychology with the dream of helping new and small companies streamline their operations and meet their growth goals, a goal she has met many times over.

Amanda Sutton

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