COVID Business Continuity

Covid Assistance

All businesses have been affected by COVID-19. We may be able to help you lessen the impact and help your business recover faster by developing processes and assessing where technology could be utilized to address some of the difficulties your businesses faces in the current environment.

Here’s how it works:

First, we do a FREE assessment of your business to determine your unique requirements and your business goals. This generally takes about 1 hour over the phone or video conference (or in person when safe to do so). If we can’t help, we will let you know quickly.

If you choose to engage with us, we will use requirements gathered to develop a set of recommendations to help your business. This may be a combination of processes and technology solutions. We can also assist with implementing the recommendations and technology platforms in your business by conducting trainings, assessing progress to fine tune processes, and reach out to vendors of the recommended technology solutions.

We understand that business finances can be a challenge right now. You may not have the capital immediately on hand or would want some assurance that you will see value from your engagement with us. We can offer flexible payment terms in many cases. While we can't help with legal, finance, accounting, or marketing design, we may have some recommendations for someone who can!

Contact us HERE to get started.