What To Automate

Everywhere I turn these days, it seems like people are automating simply to say they automate. In a previous article titled Do You Really Need Automation, we explored the fact that many organizations aren't gaining a tangible benefit from automation but didn't explore how to target automation to make sure it adds value. We will do that here now.

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Early Access: Pay to Beta

Like many of you, I've been playing video games for about as long as I could sit up and hold a controller. I was fortunate enough to start PC gaming in the very early days and was just the right age during the Golden Age of PC Gaming (roughly '97 - '05) where I had the freedom of time found only in youth and willful unemployment but had the cognition of a young adult.

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Do You Really Need Automation

If you've looked for a QA job in the last few years, one item inevitably shows up on the requirements list; automation experience. And not just automation as a fundamental concept, very specific experience with tools like Selenium, Cucumber, Capybara, Watir, QTP, and SilkTest. At this point, automation is basically a ubiquitous term within Software Quality Assurance. I would go so far as to consider automation a software industry sacred cow of sorts when in reality, adds no real value for many of the companies who use it.

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